Training Offered

Training Offered


Board and Train Program

The Board and Train Program allows your dog to be trained by Danny himself.  The Board and Train program begin with four weeks of training while staying at EasTex K9.  During this time your dog will learn Sit, Here, Down, Heel and Place.  Your dog will also learn Kennel/Crate, No/Leave it and much more.  This will all be done on and off lead.


Your dog will take field trips to different public places such as pet friendly businesses, neighborhood walks, and dog parks (while under strict guidance).


The second phase of the Board and Train Program is four weeks of one on one in your home training.  Danny will come to your house and integrate your dogs newly learned training into your home, places you travel too and to your lifestyle.


One Week Tune-up Program


Because everyone has busy lives from time to time our clients need a tune up.  This tune-up is only available for past client dogs to get them back on track of their training.